social practice and somatic photography

I’ve been invited into the Brock University community to work with photodynamic gardening. In September 2023, I’ll be in St. Catharines for a hands-on workshop in plant-based photography.  As part of the Walker Cultural Leader Series, I’ll be giving a talk about my work called “ventral, vegal vegetal: photography in more than human worlds”, I’ve been invited to do studio visits and a two-day workshop grounded in ecological stewardship and experiments with plant-based photography. We’ll be cultivating our relationships with collective and community based image making and impermanent photography practice that begins in building relationships and nurturing and tending to urban gardens and local ecologies. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the fledgling Brock community garden plot has grown up over the past few months.

To focus on our relationship with ourselves, with one another and within more than human worlds.

The workshops and talk are embedded in noticing, in slowing down, in listening and conversation. Knitting together disciplines and methods, this work is social and somatic practice, and engages art practices, anthropology/ethnography/community based fieldwork and clinical counselling focused in narrative therapy, somatics (a focus on nervous system based practices) and therapeutic arts.

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