My artistic and academic practices are platforms to address the lively political, habitual and material entanglements between photography, archives, and places. I work with cultural practices of photography and create installations, performances, and written works to reconnect and reaffirm connections between photography and impermanence.

Residue: Anarchival materiality within archives

Documenting the ways that archives are challenged by the lively anarchy of the materials themselves.

Image showing a stacked colour separation at The BC Provincial Archives


Pup Tent Camera Obscura

Three repurposed 1980s pup-tents reconstructed into anti-capitalist camera obscuras.

pup tent camera obscura in a burned landscape

Studies for Making and Unmaking

Making and unmaking encounters in a 15 minute film loop.

A still from Studies for Making and Unmaking. Caballero and Smith

Finding Aid

An ongoing performed archive and exhibitions (2009-) documenting the productive failure of re-enactments of photographs in mountain environments of Canadian National Parks.

detail images of exhibition finding aid by Trudi Lynn Smth

Breath Camera (prototype I)

A wearable camera form about impermanence: camera bellows, viewing screen, and a 3 x 9 foot darkcloth mix the fleshy with the fleeting.

Artist Krista Caballero working with the breath camera

562 Fisgard

Feminist art archives, colonial photography and a giant camera made for documentation collide in the present-day aritist studio. Infolding people into the back of the camera during invited events about photography + duration.

Installation view showing Trudi Lynn Smith under darkcloth of 16x20 camera

Life and Death in Waterton Lakes National Park

A 28×43 digital composite print folded, a print of an academic paper published in Anthropologica, in an archival box. Photographs are not only fixed as images or objects, but lively, entangled and emergent events.

Anthropologica paper with butterfly photo

Conduit: Roundhouse

A modified a swing-lens Kodak Panoram to explore photographic embodiments.

film still by Jamie Drouin of Conduit Roundhouse