562 Fisgard…into the dark(room)

This photo shows a glass plate negative we made a few years back (a re-enactment of a EG Deville photograph from the archives) showing the outside of the studio space.

562 Fisgard is a project that I use to think through disappeared and reappeared archives, affect and the avant-garde, and to make photographs, installations and performances. Although I work through my thinking by making, I mostly make without noticing my thinking.

Spring and summer marks the time when Lynda Gammon and I get to head back into 562 Fisgard to work on our project. This summer I am looking forward to 16×20 photographs using the camera we built and had help building, more experiments with peeling the wall, inviting the general public, nearby artists and friends to partake in looking at the wall through the camera, and high resolution digital video. Stay tuned for more.

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