Portable Camera Obscura — Great Salt Lake

Portable Camera Obscura at Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty at Rozell Point, on the Great Salt Lake, Utah. Installation with University of Utah Honors College Class that I was co-teaching in Fall 2013, Landscape, Place and the Visual Anthropology of Utah.

With an interest in expanding beyond the symbolic space of National Parks, I was invited to bring the camera to University of Utah and to take it to places around the Great Salt Lake, like Spiral Jetty. A relationship Smithson forged between the land art work, photography and film is inverted in the camera obscura. The symbolic impact of Smithson’s land art piece at Rozell Point has gained new life as the spiral has emerged in recent years after being submerged in the Great Salt Lake. Spiral Jetty is taking on new (and contradictory) meanings as the area attracts more visitors than ever.

Installation of Portable Camera Obscura at Spiral Jetty

More about the Portable Camera Obscura

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