Drift Camera at Urbanite, AGGV

September 2018. I’m looking forward to working with the Drift Camera (a continuous slow movement) at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria on September 28 as part of Urbanite. Come by and visit with me!

Public Journal

September 2018. The new issue of Public Journal has dropped! Kate Hennessy and I have an article in the latest issue Archive/Counter Archive, called Fugitives, Anarchival Materiality in Archives about our work at the BC Archives.

Chinese Photography

August 2018. My work, Life and Death in Waterton Lakes National Park was featured in the August 2018 edition of the journal, Chinese Photography. In the article, Zhong Hualian writes about connections between photography and fieldwork.

Supernatural: Art, Technology and the Forest

May to September 2018. Excited to be invited to show A Continuous Slow Movement (Drift Camera) at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria!

On view: May to September 2018

A link to the show, Supernatural in the news!

Geist Magazine

July 2018. Kate Hennessy and I were invited to create a photo-essay of our work with anarchival materiality  for the spring 2018 edition of Geist Magazine. Fugitives explores the shape and smell of anarchival materiality (and more!) in the in the Royal BC Museum.

What’s Insight Magazine

July 2018. Check out the write up Kate Hennessy and I put together on our research-creation work at the Royal British Columbia Museum Fugitives: Anarchival Materiality in Archives