terminus: archives, ephemera, and electronic art

The online archive of the zine and documentation of Terminus: Archives, Ephemera and Electronic Art is now live. This workshop was organized by the Ethnographic Terminalia Collective in collaboration with Tarah Hogue and Glenn Alteen of the grunt gallery in Vancouver

Portable Camera Obscura — Great Salt Lake

Portable Camera Obscura at Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty at Rozell Point, on the Great Salt Lake, Utah. Installation with University of Utah Honors College Class that I was co-teaching in Fall 2013, Landscape, Place and the Visual Anthropology of Utah.

Imagine Our Parks

IOP is looking for nine artists to join us at different places along an artist-led expedition beginning in (present-day) Yellowstone National Park, (the first USAmerican national park) and traveling along the 42nd parallel…

Mapping Meaning & The Salish Sea

Photograph showing Vasia Markedis filming beside the Portable Camera Obscura at sunset on Capitol Reef field station butte, 2012 Next week, artist Krista Caballero and writer/scientist Sylvia Torti, from the initiative Mapping Meaning, will be joining Ryan Hilperts, from the

562 Fisgard…into the dark(room)

This photo shows a glass plate negative we made a few years back (a re-enactment of a EG Deville photograph from the archives) showing the outside of the studio space. 562 Fisgard is a project that I use to think