Studies for Making and Unmaking

Studies for Making and Unmaking

Shown Here: Video still from 15′ loop. Background Photo: Timothy O’Sullivan’s  City of Rocks, Idaho 1868. Source: War Department. Office of the Chief of Engineers. U.S. Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel. (1867 – 1881)

Over the past decade Krista Caballero and I have collaborated on arts based research and experimental knowledge practices, including collective workshops, place-responsive installations, and scholarly publications. Through these varied actions we have developed a collaborative, unfixed lexicon depicting our struggles as artists to bring attention to the overlooked and unrecognized through focusing on interdependence, justice, agency and everyday ecologies.

From our work together we have created several works and collaborations with other artists. The project website can be found here: And the video here

Installation shot of Studies for Making and Unmaking. Trudi Lynn Smith and Krista Caballero

Studies for Making and Unmaking. Shown here, installation documentation.

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