Fall 2017. Invited scholar, Digital Cultures and Creativity, University of Maryland. Workshop on respiration and photography with the Breath Camera. Students are part of the Seminar Fleshy Futures: Technologies and the Body.

As an interdisciplinary scholar, I teach in Social Science, Humanities, and Art departments. Currently, as Adjunct Assistant Professor, I teach and supervise students in the School of Environmental Studies at University of Victoria. I also receive invitations to guest lecture and conduct workshops at institutions locally and internationally.

At University of Victoria I regularly teach ES 408: Visual Ecology (2014, 2016, 2017)

4th year seminar/lab. School of Environmental Studies (Political Ecology stream).

Course Description: In this class we explore the terrain of visual media and practices that inform, form, and transform environmental studies. By focusing on environmental movements and media campaigns, the visuality of space and place in photographs, maps, and multimedia projects, and representation and relations with non-human animals we will ask and answer, how are images an important means through which social life happens? What are the meanings, politics and practices of looking? What key visual narratives inform environmental movements and scientific images?

Exploring the immediacy of camera traps, the surveillance of drones and VR, the reportage of conservation photography, the imaginative style of drawing, the format of zines, computer games, and the eternal experience of camera obscuras, we will ask, what potential lies in media to be the cutting edge of social change?

Other course offerings:

University of Victoria Courses:

Photography (ART 241) 2015
Contemporary Art Photography (ART 141) (2011)
Anthropology and the Environment (ANTH 393) (2010)
Applied Ethnographic Film (ANTH 409) (2009)

Other Institutions:

University of Utah. Honors College. Visiting Artist (2013) Photography, Landscape, Place (HON 3820)